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In addition to this website, The Frumptarn Guggen Band can also be found on MySpace and Facebook.

Frumptarn on Twitter

You can now follow us on twitter at

Frumptarn on Facebook

Our Facebook page is at

Frumptarn on MySpace

Our MySpace can be seen at


Other Guggen Links

Gmender Gassafetza


Gmender Alstadtfaegar

Gugge 2000

The only other guggen band in the UK (as far as we know) and hosts of The Big F –

Chaos Guggen

We met Chaos Guggen while playing in The Big F ’08 –


We met Chottlebotzer while playing in The Big F ’08 –

Rümliggeischter Schwarzebärg

We met Rümliggeischter Schwarzebärg while playing in The Big F ’08 –

Roli Guggers

Rondo Bellinziano