Do you come Frumptarn?

Together since 2003, Frumptarn are one of the leading Guggen bands in the UK. The Barnsley based band have become popular in England and beyond, performing in numerous national and international venues. Inspired by the unique blending of brass and percussion which echoes across Germany, Frumptarn have helped to bring this distinctive, exciting music to the UK.

At over 30┬ámembers strong, Frumptarn are a musical force to be reckoned with. Bold Brass and punchy percussion belt out some unexpected numbers, the likes of which you would never hear from the average ‘brass band’… Prepare to be pleasantly surprised!

Colourful costumes and handsome headgear are all part of the Frumptarn Guggen experience. A treat for the eyes and ears, Frumptarn truly stand out from the crowd.